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Uhhh … awesome?

Free baseball!

So recently, the Padres had an extra-innings game on a night when I was clearly delirious and sleep-deprived. Here’s how it went:


The Padres are going into extra innings. Oy vey!


In between innings, I’ll take a little nap.


Uh-oh. Security was NOT happy about my snooze.


Inning Twelve. Catcher John Baker is on second base! Meditating.


The game is over after 13 innings! The Padres WIN! Yeah!


My bad.

Soooo … I was so amped to start this blog, and I did well in the beginning, and then BAM! A whirlwind of work hit, and I slacked off.

Booooo. Buddy Black would have kicked me out of the clubhouse already. Norv Turner would have thrown me off the field.

But, I’m back, and I’ll get this thing updated on a regular basis. I just got a little sidetracked this last month, with the Padres starting their season, the Chargers starting voluntary workouts, the Draft, the suicide of Junior Seau, doing some work for Fox Sports San Diego (see picture below) and a case of the freakin’ hives that lasted for weeks. That last one was the worst. I have pictures of it but they might make you vomit, so no link for those.


Here’s a few thoughts:

The Padres are struggling, absolutely. They show shades of excellence (so you know they CAN do it) but it’s muted by their inability to get pitching, fielding and hitting on the same page consistently. Really, it’s muted by errors and injuries. Lots of them. … I wouldn’t count the team out yet. Stop rolling your eyes! … Regardless, it’s been fun to get to know some of the new players, like Yonder Alonso, and talk to injured players about getting back in the game.
I try to get to Petco early, and I always relish moments like these:




The suicide of Junior Seau was unbelievable. Not only the shock of the news, but the magnitude of how far it reached. So many players — former and current — paid their respects and talked about how Junior had impacted their lives. And it’s crazy, because we’re all so used to seeing football players as gladiators — they don’t really break down — so this was a reminder that hey … they are HUMAN. I saw former Chargers long snapper Dave Binn in the elevator at Qualcomm before Seau’s “Celebration of Life” and he looked at me and said, with the saddest eyes: “It’s been a long, rough week.” And you just FELT it.

The Chargers have started their voluntary workouts. Last year there was the lockout, and I forgot just how much they DO before training camp. It’s been fun to be back on the field at Chargers Park, to see veterans mingling with rookies and trash talking and what not. Plennnttyyyyy of videos to come from there in the near future. 🙂

That’s it for now. Really, I’ll be better at this. For reals. You believe me, right?