Monthly Archives: October, 2013

Create, young grasshopper. Create.

This isn’t a sports post. It’s not about the Chargers or Padres or football or baseball or anything like that. So, if you’re here for that … I’m not offended if you hit that tempting “x” in the upper right corner of your page.

You’re still here? Cool. I don’t feel quite so rejected.

This is a post about creating.

Since I’ve had some, ahem … free time, let’s call it … I’ve been feeling this urge to write. To write about all kinds of things … random, mostly. But I haven’t been up to actually doing it. Tonight, though, I was feeling it (the three-month bout of insomnia that I’m currently experiencing helps, too). So tonight, I want to talk about creating. I’m warning you, this post is kinda “woo woo,” but like I said, I have the urge to write, and we all know what comes of suppressing urges ….


Alright, so:

Why are we here if not to create?

Let’s examine this.

I don’t mean, necessarily, to be professional creators (although that’s nice) … I mean, simply, to create in some form. To put a little something back into the world, something that evokes a feeling.

We all suppress so much feeling, you know? We numb it and suppress it and distract ourselves from it. We’re scared of it.

But you know what’s sexy? Vulnerability.

So here’s an easy way to get sexy with yourself. Make something. Make something you absolutely, ridiculously love. It could be with finger paints. It could be a silly song. It could be a moment with your kid, where you invite something new into your life and really explore it.

Then put it out there. And squirm.

I love that feeling.

When you go through a … life transition, let’s call it … “the experts” tell you to go back to what you love. Me, I love dancing and creating choreography. I love writing stories and putting words together to form some kind of hopefully coherent thought. I love meeting people and hearing their stories and creating some kind of bond. I love executing ideas for videos and segments and taking big, bold bad-ass risks during the process. I don’t always do that … but my videos are better when I do.

Creation is sweet because it connects. It stirs a feeling. It stirs an emotion. You know … When you listen to a song that makes you feel something inside of you, something dangerous. But cool. Maybe that doesn’t happen to you. Maybe a certain song makes you feel like you want to cry, or hug your mom, or put on 80s clothes and dance around your living room. Whatever. Just something to FEEL.

Inside that feeling is where the magic is. Inside the vulnerability of PUTTING IT OUT THERE is where the magic is.

Got a girlfriend? A boyfriend? Both? Draw something. Make some art. Do it naked if you want. Do it wearing costumes. Whatever. Use colored pencils. Use paint. Whatever. Just do it. Squirm. Feel it. Get on the other side of it.

That’s where the magic is.

And for all you creative types … Watch this. And then watch it again, and again, and again … especially if you feel like you’ve lost your mojo: