I’m Annie.

I’ve been a TV, web and print journalist for The San Diego Union-Tribune, NBC, Fox Sports, MTV and various other stations at one time or another. I’ve been covering the San Diego Chargers and Padres for five seasons, and at the end of every season, I say: “I should start a blog!”

Finally, I did.

As a sports reporter, I see and hear so much while around the athletes that doesn’t really “fit” anywhere. It’s not meaty enough for a story or visual enough for a video. But it’s usually interesting, funny, endearing, weird or all of the above. That’s what will fit within this blog. Sure, there will be links to my videos, stories and TV reports, but there will also be plenty of “behind-the-scenes” stuff for you to feel like you are right there with me in the locker room, dugout or field.

And of course, I’ll give you random thoughts from my very random head, as well as posts from all my travel.

Enjoy … and if you stop by, please leave a comment or add to the conversation!

(P.S. — To learn more about me and to see my work, click here.

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  1. Annie

    I am DA Investigator Stephen Long. Please call me.

    (619) 441-4262 Office or cell (619) 823-1754.

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  3. The genius store called, they’re running out of you.

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