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Killer Cam and the Dougie

Okay, here’s one difference between the Chargers’ locker room and the Padres’ clubhouse: You are allowed to shoot video in the Padres’ clubhouse. You are NOT allowed to do this with the Chargers.

Being able to shoot video means you get to witness awesome little moments like this:

This is Cameron Maybin’s son, Trent. He has more swag in his pinky than I will ever have in my lifetime.

Note the matching hair, too.


Being a sports reporter is not all glitz and glory. Case in point:

I woke up at 3 a.m. today.

I took my two 50-pound suitcases filled with clothes, camera equipment and Gus (more on him later, but for now just know that he’s happy in my suitcase and it’s NOT against the law), my cart, my camera, my 30-pound backpack and rolled myself outside, where I promptly tripped and fell on my face while hustling to the cabbie.

Don’t worry, I’m okay. You were worried, right? I can tell.

More importantly, my CAMERA is okay (which is all that matters).

I made it to my gate at the airport an hour ahead of schedule, which was all well and good until I found out my flight was delayed two hours. Maybe longer.

Did I mention I got up at 3? AND took the time to curl my hair?

I’m headed to Indianapolis, where I will cover the NFL Combine for my third consecutive year. I like the Combine because the college kids are so … HOPEFUL. There is that mystery of the unknown — “I *could* get drafted in the first round!” “Maybe I will impress Bill Belichick!” “I don’t care if they poke and prod all my muscles because I am CUT, playa, and they will see that” … You know, that sort of thing. There is just a different look in a potential draftee’s eyes. It’s one of uncertainty, nervousness, but also excitement and aspiration. It’s cool.

While in Indy, I’ll take you behind the scenes and show you what it’s like to be a media member at the Combine. Then I’ll do that same sort of thing at Spring Training, and again as I report for the Padres and Chargers during the season. I’ll bring you stories and interesting tidbits from athletes that just happen organically in conversation or from being around the players all the time. I’ll post pictures from the dugout or the practice fields at Chargers Park, or from events or special stories. I’ll give you adventures from the road. And of course, you’ll get my sweet, sometimes salty, always sarcastic humor, as well as posts on my job, travel and any other random thing that’s rattling around in my very random head as I embark on my second season with the Padres and my fourth with the Chargers. (Visit www.sharonheilbrunn.com to see more on my bio or work experience.)

Can’t wait to bring you along. IF I ever leave this airport, that is.