Road Trippin’ with the San Diego Padres

  1. Recently, I went on the road with the Padres to get a glimpse of what travel is like for a professional baseball team. I documented it through articles in the U-T San Diego newspaper; videos on the website and plenty of tweets and Facebook updates.
  2. annieheilbrunn
    Check out what “Getaway Day” is like for the #Padres, and sneak a peek at players wearing some sweet suits:
  3. annieheilbrunn
    NYC & CHI to do a #Padres “Life on the Road” series! #toughjob 😉 RT @Mattyk101: @sharonheilbrunn where you headed?
  4. annieheilbrunn
    Fought someone for a cab and WON … Now I may or may not be going to Luke Gregerson’s house to crash his family BBQ

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