The 2012 Chargers Season: A Trip Down Memory Lane.

I’m a little late to the party on this, but hey, I have the excuse of a new general manager and head coach for the Chargers. 😉 Still … here are some memories from 2012:


Preseason. Takeo Spikes and I got some golf in … And we talked about the upcoming season. He had high hopes.


First game of the season. RAIDERS! Chargers win, 22-14. All was bright and shiny.


A coffin tailgate in Kansas City. Still haven’t seen anything that’s topped this beer cooler.



New Orleans. I still remember how many Chargers fans were in the French Quarter, and how fun it was at this game … Until the fourth quarter, when San Diego lost the lead and lost the game. It was a turning point of sorts, but none that could prepare us for …


This. This was the halftime photo from the Broncos game. Monday Night Football. Chargers up 24-0 at halftime. Note the smiles. At this point, San Diego had this one locked up. That loss will go down in history with me. It was so tangible — You could just feel the energy shift as soon as Peyton and Company hit the field for the second half.


The Cleveland … Another loss. The season started to slip away. Coincidentally, this is where Norv Turner will probably coach in 2013.


Snuck in some Halloween fun with Eric Weddle for one of my “Overtime With Annie” segments.


BREAKING NEWS: Philip Rivers has a mustache! And he led the Chargers to a win with it that weekend. Sure, it was against the Chiefs. But still … the mustache had to have helped.


The losses brought restless fans (again), as evidenced by one who came up to the press box in Denver and held this up for Nick Canepa when San Diego lost another close one to the Broncos.

ImageNeed … I … Say … MORE?!


The team in Times Square for the Chargers-Jets game. Can’t tell you what the laughs are like when the three of us are in adventure mode. I almost pee my pants, repeatedly.


The end of one era …


And the beginning of another.

Can’t wait to see what 2013 has in store. 🙂




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